Properly designed and evaluated exercises test policies, plans, and procedures through a safe, no-fault environment to better prepare participants. EPS offers exercise design, conduct, and evaluation using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) model for all types of exercises including:

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

  • Table-tops

  • Games

  • Drills

  • Functional

  • Full Scale

Additionally, EPS offers Training and Exercise Planning Workshops (TEPWs), creation of After Action Reports (AARs) for both exercises and real-world incidents and events, and formulates Corrective Action Plans (CAPs). We provide expert personnel to control, facilitate, and evaluate exercises.

EPS has extensive experience in the design, conduct, and evaluation of all exercise types, across a variety of capabilities and hazards, including natural, technological, and human-caused.  We conduct exercises for audiences including executive leadership, senior staff, tactical teams, and field staff.  We have extensive experience working with National Guard resources, such as CERF-P, HRF, and CST; as well as direct experience integrating state and local government into the design and management of Vigilant Guard exercises.  As niche services, we support airport emergency preparedness through emergency management training and exercises in accordance with Part 139 requirements; and have expertise in the design and conduct of exercises utilizing the Emergency Management Staff Trainer (EMST) family of exercise platforms, including the Transportation Emergency Response Application (TERA) for airports, transit, and rail.

Client Testimonial

“EPS played a pivotal role in the success of Vermont’s Vigilant Guard 2016. EPS provided management and communications with over 100 controllers and evaluators that were utilized throughout the nine (9) day exercise. Without Tim and Robin’s hard work to fill all necessary positions and Tim’s tireless work during conduct, the exercise evaluation would have fallen short. Even through the After Action Report drafting, EPS supported Vermont’s needs to ensure that we had the best data from those who worked for them during the exercise. Each night Tim sent out an Action Plan for the next days’ exercise activity. This was very helpful in making sure that all the staff were in the correct location at the correct time. Great support and service provided by EPS throughout the entire process.”

Jessica Stolz, Deputy Homeland Security AdvisorVermont Department of Public Safety